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Partners of any age over 18 can gain value from this system. It seems to appeal most to men over 30 who are feeling the intimate disconnect in their relationship. We have customers in their 60s, 70s and 80s who have had equally great success.

If you can listen to audio for even 10 minutes a week you can do this! The entire program is self-paced. You can access it anytime and also download the ebooks and audio books to your devices: computer, iPad/eReader, smartphone to access at home, at work or on the go. You decide how and when you will implement the Four Elements of Revival.

Yes. A big part of the system shows you how to open your woman to more pleasure, how to lead her to her sensual potential, how to gain her trust and deepen your intimate connection.

If you are worrying about her finding out that you bought Revive Her Drive, I can confidently tell you that this program is so female-positive that you may get BROWNIE POINTS for discovering it.
After all, you will be leading her toward pleasure and finally romancing her the way she wants you too, even if she can’t explain to you what she’s been craving.
Some men like to have their plan in place before they talk to their wife. This is quite easy if you can listen or read for just a few minutes here and there to get yourself up to speed before enrolling her in the fun.
Some men prefer not want tell their wives at the beginning and would rather use our stealth romance techniques. Just start DOING and BEING without talking about it and see her respond to you immediately. This is also a very sweet way to begin romancing her without “ruining the surprise.”
Handle this the way it’s most comfortable for both of you.

Nothing arrives in the mail. Everything is protected with your special login and password and your Membership area is accessible through any web browser from any smartphone or computer so you can “leave no trace.”

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Everybody has been ripped off by someone…
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Changes in levels of desire are not just inevitable… They are extremely common. Working through the difference between how often and what you do together behind closed doors helps you mature together as a couple that can withstand anything life throws at you.
Your mismatched libido might look right now like it’s about whose limits of sexual development control the relationship – in your case, her limits are controlling you.
What’s really happening is that this friction is expanding you!
If either partner’s style dominates your relations — you both lose — because you both stop growing.
As you keep intimacy and desire alive you create a life-long passionate marriage. This program has been created from the ground up to help a man know what to do if his woman is reluctant to grow in this vital area.

Definitely. If your partner has any emotional or physical health issues, including depression or menopausal symptoms that are limiting desire, please escort her to a professional. The same with any past abuse issues. Please see a psychiatrist. And finally, if there is deep-seated religious or cultural shame present, this program may be able to alleviate some of the oppression, but it may be a bigger challenge. You are welcome to try the program for 60 Days to see if it can work for you. Many men whose wives have these issues see tremendous improvement.

Additionally, there is a Mastery Coaching series you can add to your program that provides additional new support each month for a year. It’s for men with particularly difficult issues who need more help handling their partner’s limiting beliefs, communication skills and/or more advanced coitus techniques.

Do any of these situations sound familiar? We have been able to help them all!

User Reviews: If you want to see some of the many customer reviews of the Revive Her Drive program Click Here. It may help you to see some of the people who may have a similar situation to you, and are getting great results.