Tim and Susan Bratton Creators fo Revive Her Drive

Tim and Susan Bratton
Creators of Revive Her Drive

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU… even though I’m only about half way thru all the material, it’s already helping tremendously… and my wife says thank you also. While I knew some of it, it was a great reminder and then there were things I didn’t realize I (we) were doing that was ruining things… we were stuck in that viscous circle and was keeping us stuck there with HOW I was communicating with her. Anyway, things are much better and continuing to improve, even during what most would consider a stressful time (we just moved far from all family and friends)… so thanks again.
Jesse, California
I was skeptical and now I’m fully convinced of your sincerity. I got connected through a trial of Revive Her Drive. I have to admit, when I received the info I felt overwhelmed and basically gave up before getting started. I was also just a little skeptical. I’ve been reading all the emails the last six months and I’m now fully convinced of your sincerity and desire to help others. I’ve been blown away by so many of things you’ve had to say in general about living a more fulfilled life.Thank You.
Bob S.

Pull Your Wife Closer With These 10 Stealth Romance Techniques...

I’m now on the 6th interview and I can honestly say that the info so far is shocking for a man. I’m 36, been in two relationships, and after what I’ve heard up till now is that this stuff needs to be taught when we’re young. These are very critical concepts and governing principals that I NEVER knew about. Its a lot for a guy to swallow, but I’m open to it cuz my marriage is suffering!
B Cozy
Wow, really good stuff so far. I didn’t realise how resistant to being sensual that I was. Now I can see how important it is to a woman. All those times she wants me to be romantic I had no idea what she meant – now I am starting to see.
You impress me so much with your ability to describe such a variety of exquisite intimate sensations so eloquently and precisely and appreciatively for us men. I think your calling is to be a connoisseur of the intimate female experience. The ability you have developed to feel so much and so articulately describe its shades and contours is something amazing to behold. You are a diamond with so many brilliant facets that continue to surprise me and inspire in me more and more respect, adoration, and love.
Wanted to send some kudos … I was saying nice things about you and thought I should say them to your face. You may not remember, but I met you back at the convention in SF – great keynote address! You added me to your email list, so since then I’ve been following your communications and have been really, really impressed on how right-on you are regarding the things men could/should be doing to get more of what they want. I’ve told SO many men about your program, and I’m guessing that you’ve made a few sales of off that – they’ve all been excited about the concept. Anyway, when I found myself repeating something you’d s aid when I was speaking with my mom, I thought I’d pass along the kudos directly. Keep up the great work!
Long Term Happiness A Happy Dinner! He Loves me Woo Hoo
Susan, I am delighted that I found your work. I am absolutely overwhelmed with joy “cloud 9” that I am learning/have learned the difference between lust and love and that the walls I built are coming down. You know what is happening? My wife is becoming my friend. That is completely awesome.
The real power of what I am reading and learning on the Revive Her Drive course is two-fold. Firstly I am learning what women want, from women and being written in a way a man can understand. They are powerful and solid messages. The content is awesome and makes me slap my head and say – “Why did I not see this?” Secondly, I am already finding ways I can reach common ground with my wife of many years and reignite the romance we originally had. Already I’ve taken her out for a special evening using Small Offers, and tried the mirroring (and it worked!). Within three days our communication is warmer, better! Susan, your program rocks! I am wholeheartedly grateful I took the plunge and bought it. I’m a very old-fashioned, reserved Englishman so the bright, sparkly USA approach can be quite alien for me. But you and your guests are so positive and upbeat, I have no trouble engaging with and enjoying the content and learning from it.
I want to deliver a genuine thanks! I’ve not had time to apply anything in just a couple of hours (!) but I’ve already learnt some very interesting things from Karen Brody that – looking on my own struggling relationship – make real sense and will be very easy to adopt. From what I have seen of the rest of this package, I am a very happy customer. As a typical ‘reserved’ Englishman I had many personal doubts buying into your strong US-style ‘persuasion marketing’ of this product – though your integrity I never doubted. But the content I have bought and am viewing is very, very good. Already I am glad I bought into your course. Thanks a million, Susan!
THANK YOU! I am coming off cloud 9 from the excitement of owning RHD. For a person like me, your product sent me into overdrive. I have experienced so many wonderful things in the past month since being a member. The most difficult part has been finding someone to talk to about all the different things that have come up. I am talking about things like a change in beliefs. Things like love and what it means and how to practiced it. I had an interesting discussion with a friend today. Thank God I found someone to bounce this off of… I told him how I felt my wife’s resistance to want to grow with me. She has accepted my ‘small offers’ for nearly a month. She told me last night I didn’t need to do that stuff anymore (interpreted resistance). To summarize, my friend pointed out that she has been growing with me for the last month so it is obviously working. Her words do not match her actions. It was sweet music to my ears. Anyway Susan. I am working diligently with your material as best I can and reminding myself (cuz I have to) this takes time.
Flowers For ME! A Romantic Night Big Smiles Young & Happy
Just want to say that I love listening to your Revive Her Drive, program. I like the way you interact with your professional guests. You have a very attractive voice, enthusiastic and fun presentation is what caught my attention. It is a sheer pleasure just to listen too you.
Richard, Connecticut
Your family life lessons have built a strong understanding of who a woman is and also I have known my needs and the woman’s need in a relationship. Indeed you are a timely counselor for serious spouses in all social human groups. May God continue using you to build many collapsing marriage relationships worldwide. Yours Happy Husband
Female participant here – just out of a long term relationship … if my partner would have implemented these items – we may have had a chance. Expecting and anticipating – no doubt here – to find happiness and satisfaction (DAILY) in the near future.

Pull Your Wife Closer With These 10 Stealth Romance Techniques...

We went to the mall last night and had the best time and I could tell that she was opening up to me. Better yet I was more focused on her, from just what I read and applied. Your material has woken me up which I certainly needed.
Hi Susan, I have joined the Revive Her Drive membership club for about a month now and have been meaning to give you some feedback. I am delighted with the level of support that I’ve had in terms of the emails and on a more personal level as well. Thank you. I started with the ‘Relationship Values Workbook’ and it has had positive effect already. Thank you again.Some thoughts. How I wish I had this information when I was in my youth!!! Initially I was a bit put off by the idea of “seducing” women. Nice boys didn’t go round trying to seduce girls and nice girls didn’t get seduced. Things have changed a lot in 50 years!! I am quite comfortable with idea in the context of Revive Her Drive. The whole idea of the “masterful man” seems to fly in the face of 50 years of feminism. Have men in their endeavor to accommodate feminist ideals given up to much power, especially in the bedroom? I feel I have. Thank you for the new life you are breathing into my relationship with my wife. It is very much appreciated. With loving kindness.
Since going over the “Relationship Values” with my wife there has been a wonderful change in her attitude towards making love. My wife hadn’t realised how much it meant to me and I hadn’t realised that it was important to her as well. Turning her on is just the beginning. Thank you again. I am now immersing myself in the “4 Elements of Revival.” The idea of “Polarity” is something that I can relate too. Over the last 40 years I have given up many of my leadership roles largely due to depression. I feel that I have turned the corner and hope that positive changes in my relationship with my wife will further build upon this. I am excited to think that this is just the start! The idea of “Oneness” seems very similar to Tantric intimacy and is something that has always been a very desirable state of mind, body, and soul to me.” With loving kindness,
Another Happy Couple We Love All Our Time Together You Make Me Smile Love
Susan, thank you for your interest and concern for helping with these relationship issues. After twenty-five years of marriage, my wife and I really need some revival in our intimacy. A lot of water has gone under the bridge and your program is starting to shows signs of putting some heat back into that water, but I definitely need some refreshing of my seduction skills. I have confidence that these materials will help me get back in the game with renewed vigor. Thanks Susan!
I have just finished listening to the full webinar. You know what, I 100% agree with you, especially on the biology. It explains why so many men leave their wives for girlfriends – because the romance just vanishes – despite spending so much money to please their wives. What you have described in this webinar is exactly what is happening in my marriage. My first task would be to overcome her resistance, because it is really stiff. I am happy I now know what to do. My other challenge would also be to overcome her fatigue, which is always in her despite doing as little work as possible. Susan, the majority of the men don’t know this fact about women. Men are so miserable as they don’t know what to do. Its a sad situation. Many thanks Susan and kind regards.


Once again, thanks so much to all of you who have written to me about your satisfaction with my Revive Her Drive program and the successes that you’ve all had. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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