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It's Not Too Late To Repair Your Physical Intimacy Even After The Kids Go Off To College.

SemperFi’s Revival Story Twenty years. For TWENTY YEARS… SemperFi has been ignoring his feelings for the greater good of his family. His was the toughest situation. He was BEAT DOWN. The chasm wasn’t worth crossing. She clapped her legs shut years ago. (Natalie is in great shape, so I know she’s in touch with her body and cares about herself.) I pleaded with him. Try! Try these 4 Elements of Revival. He was pisssssed. He just wanted summa his own. He believed he was an excellent lover and it was Natalie’s issue. After all, he gives his secret lover orgasm after orgasm about 5 minutes after they rip each other’s clothes off. Still, he felt guilty cheating. And it wasn’t as satisfying as he thought. Too many logistics, not enough history. He did take a vow, he did make a commitment. She was his WIFE. He was a rational man. He could temporarily suspend his anger, his resentment, and give it a try. Of course, he’d risk kicking himself for not doing it sooner IF it worked. But it wasn’t gonna work. She was stone cold toward him. But when he saw the Revive Her Drive webinar called , “Lust Triggers,” it got him thinking… He’d kick himself for not doing this sooner IF it worked the hormone explanation was hope. The decline in their sex life coincided exactly with the timing of the decline in love chemicals they showed in the webinar. And it did make sense that his lover’s system was raging with “new relationship” chemicals, further heightened by the crazy great sex they were having. ;The explanation about the hormones gave him hope. It was reassuring to know it wasn’t HIS fault, and it wasn’t even Natalie’s fault. It was biology. THAT’s why “new girlfriend” was all turned on and Nat was shuttered. Are you a fighter? Are you a man of values? Now SemperFi had access to specific seduction techniques based on positive female psychology that could potentially overcome YEARS of her rejecting his offers for sex. Maybe this would fix it. It might be worth a shot. He couldn’t go on cheating. He couldn’t stand a life of celibacy. “OK” he said, “I’ll try it.” “But I’m sending it back if it doesn’t work, and I’m just gonna test one thing.” One thing? That’s a tall order. How can SemperFi test if his wife’s libido can be revived just using ONE TECHNIQUE? Dang those ex-Marines! OK. Try this SemperFi. Bring pleasure into your lives every day with little offers to Natalie. (HOW to do this, with plenty of ideas you can use as a springboard for your own personalization, are outlined step-by-step within Revive Her Drive.) What would you like to do or say to Natalie that would be pleasurable for her and for you? She will fight, she will resist. She is as committed to thinking SemperFi is a bad husband as he is to thinking she is a lousy lover. But he’s SemperFi! He’s a fighter. And he’s a man of values. After a about six weeks of bringing pleasure into their lives every day with little offers to Natalie, he’d walk into the room and her smile would light up like it did when they were dating. As they progressed, he begin to move from seduction to sensuality techniques. He truly paced himself. He would tease her and tantalize her until he could feel HER reaching for HIM again. Revive Her Drive gives you a bounty of ideas to open her further into her sensual self. Before he knew it, they were reveling in their sensual connection. SemperFi was giving Natalie the great sex he had been frittering away by cheating. One day, it was raining and she wanted to get some exercise. He said, “Nat, couples like us get exercise by making love like bunnies for a couple hours.” She said, “let’s hop to it, baby!” Now they appreciate the years of history that make them even stronger, even hotter, than ever before.

Why this revival system might work for you too.

Can it really be as simple as understanding and using the Four Elements of Revival?

Can Ivan, SemperFi and Jon do what Robert did? Or is what they must do different?

Is it replicable?

Will it work for their wives and girlfriends?

YES. Unequivocally, yes.

When you personally customize a combination of the Four Elements of Revival, for your individual relationship, it will thaw nearly any woman, no matter how long it’s been since she’s felt sexual.

Positive psychology powerfully reverses the effects of the decline of love hormones. Incorporating that with seduction techniques and advanced SENSUAL mastery tactics are the magic combination for nearly every relationship, no matter how bad you think your situation is.

You may not need to bolster all four of these in your relationship, but it might be even better when you do.

Let’s work with the assumption that you want to “fire on all cylinders” and that you are interested in knowing how these four components work together to revitalize her sensuality. You will move her toward being a very sexy woman, either for the first time or once again.

This plan of action assumes:

1) You want a better sex life with her

2) You formerly had a reasonable enough connection with her that you believe she has the potential to feel good sexually and you’ve seen proof of her ability to enjoy sex (even if it’s been a tremendously long time since that has occurred.)

1) You are willing to learn new skills and put focus on her to get the reward of recreating intimacy and sensuality with her, including letting go of any residual anger or rejection you’ve been feeling

1) You’d love nothing more than to not only get her back where she used to be sexually-speaking, but you’d like to move her toward an ever increasing hot, juicy sex life with you

If you have a history of some acceptable sex (when you first got together) and no major health issues (we address aging issues) then you are ready to revive her sex drive. **

Guys who have sharp Vision know how to rebound if they don’t get the response they’re seeking.

When you have several ideas mapped out, you’re confident.

Each one of these men assessed the four elements of revival to see where they needed to put their attention to fix their sexless situation.

In each case, the men used positive psychological strategies that give women what they want, what they need, to feel and be sexual:

  • attention,
  • masculine feminine balance,
  • psycho-emotional rewards,
  • techniques to open her to her sensuality, understanding of a woman’s physical arousal networks
  • and at least a hundred great ideas to bring her closer to you, to ignite that spark of chemistry again.

How long does the revival take?

  • You will see again the powerful forces of love that exist in your connection with your woman almost immediately.
  • You will uncover the psychological reasons she resists and learn how tenderness gets her to surrender to her sensual self again in a matter of weeks or months.
  • You’ll free yourself (and annoy her less) from your hungry sex-bunny feeling. And you’ll both learn how to share in a mutual turn-on that brings pleasure (and relief!) to both of you straight away.
  • Best of all, these “psycho-emotional tools” quickly and easily reawaken the passionate girl you first dated. They are logical and easy to apply instantaneously, from where ever you are now.

Why does this work better than therapy?
and save you 50 hours and $10K a year?

Most therapists are taught as mediators or listening coaches and aren’t financially incentivized to solve your problem. Many suffer from sexless marriages too.

NEW! The idea of using mind over matter — psychology
trumps biology.

The 4-Year Itch breakthrough — it was called the 7-Year Itch until new research uncovered the loss of Oxytocin and Vasopressin levels after 2-3 years — is a recent scientific discovery.

Since female behavior is created by male behavior within the context of a relationship — you can actually transform her into a pleasure-seeking device within weeks, even days.

  • First you must ensure there’s masculine/feminine polarity. We can tell you how to create it or get it back.
  • You will shore up her trust that you will take care of her, both in and outside the bedroom.
  • And there are specific techniques you can use to help her surrender to her dormant sensuality, just waiting to be awakened.
  • If she has “issues,” and what woman doesn’t, we show you how to overcome or tame them so that she can enjoy herself. Sexual inhibitions stem from fear, control and lack of intimacy. One single technique can erase decades of repression.
  • We show you how to start small, slow and from the outside in to gradually escalate her reactions and desires.
  • You can even do nearly everything in the program without talking about it. The Stealth Turn-Around Tricks eBook is short, easy and works. You’ll even get an immediate way to move her mind into the non-verbal realm to deflect her sabotaging thoughts and negative self-talk.
  • Imagine the excitement you’ll feel when you begin to drive your win rate through the roof with this incredibly simple strategy that helps you make her the “right offer” for the right experience, so she’s finally a “YES.”
  • It comes from the Four Keys to Seduction. You will learn how to be a master seducer for your own wife (or GF) using Small Offers, Erotic Vigilance, Vulnerability and Vision — a model you’ll use for the rest of your life for great sex.

Become a FORCE of initiation again to transport her on a beautiful erotic journey with these tools. This fix it plan will boost you out of your doldrums. And I promise, you’ll see results, even if you think her pootie has icicles frozen over it like jail bars.

How does the plan work?
What’s inside the program?

First assess your situation.

What are the obstacles that need to be removed or mitigated? (we give you a way to handle this efficiently)

Do you need to rebalance the masculine/feminine ratio? (we show you how)

You begin to bring her to pleasure and open her sensual self again using female psychology – stuff you’d never imagine in a million years would be effective.

Your mouth will gape like a slack-jawed yokel, but these strategies DELIVER. (you get a pleasure trove of techniques to customize to your personal style)

And we give you some killer sexual mastery techniques that will melt her into a puddle of love and affection for you once you’ve melted the icicle jail bars over her womanly parts.

She’ll THANK YOU for reawakening her to her sexiness.

That’s when you send us your success story to share with the other guys on this journey along side you.

Within Revive Her Drive are a dozen expert interviews, called “The Seduction Summit.”

These experts come were selected because of their wide-ranging backgrounds. You get a diversity of perspectives and strategies:

  • 4 Keys to Seduction – Dr. Patti Taylor
  • Sexual Sticking Points – David Van Arrick
  • Seduction Integrity – Karen Brody
  • Lifelong Passion – Alex Allman
  • Erotic Communication – Adam Gilad
  • Masterful Lover Manifesto – David Shade
  • Dance of Polarity – Christian Hudson
  • Alpha Masculinity – Carlos Xuma
  • Dance of Polarity – Christian Hudson
  • Erotic Adventures – Tallulah Sulis
  • Secret Arousal Maps – Sheri Winston
  • Ejaculatory Choice – Destin Gerek
  • Sustaining Attraction – John Alanis

Every interview is also well-transcribed in an eBook.

How do I know exactly what to do?
What it takes to ignite the spark of intimacy.

You can cherry-pick the most interesting or listen straight through the 15 hours of fascinating, seductive advice. If you like to read, enjoy the transcribed interviews.

Use the directions in the Fast Path Guide and the Four Elements of Revival eBook to dive directly into sections you need most.

With Stealth Turn-Around Tactics, you can talk it out with her or you can try a combination of a little dialog and a little stealth magic.

  1. Assess everything just a few minutes from now and start concentrating on your action plan tonight. By tomorrow, begin to see the glimmer of hope you may have thought was gone forever. One bright blue spark of possibility is all it takes to jump off the downward spiral onto the updraft to intimacy.
  1. Start fighting those hormones with your masculine fire power. They don’t stand a chance

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**Before you get started, make sure that there’s nothing emotionally or physically wrong with her health. That’s the one area where I cannot help you and you need to seek professional advice.

“Learn how have spontaneous, serendipitous, amazing, mind-blowing, cosmic sex on purpose.”
—Sheri Winston

Meet The Men

These are true stories and real men in actual situations. They are wretchedly common, based on intimate questioning of men from all geographic regions, in a wide range of socio-economic and cross-cultural backgrounds.

What they share in common are feelings of hopelessness and rejection, of frustration and longing — longing to have “the mother of their children,” the girl whose eyes used to light up when she saw him — want, really want, to make love with him again.

These men c r a v e physical contact.

They fit into the all-too-common “sexless marriage” category. They are sex-starved. They’re tired of initiating. She seldom if ever initiates – it’s like her libido retired.

They are hurt, deprived and if they’re getting any sex, it’s likely boring.

This is not uncommon, you are not alone and we have the only program in the world that directly addresses this situation where you physical relations have dwindled and you don’t want to live the rest of our life without the touch of your woman’s love.

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Susan is the co-founder and CEO of Personal Life Media, an online publishing company specializing in heart-centered adult sexual education home study programs. She’s the creator of Revive Her Drive, an online course that helps men lead their wives and girlfriends back to more a more passionate relationship.

An internationally renowned author, publisher and speaker, Susan has won awards for her work and been featured in print, online and television in media outlets as wide-ranging as the New York Times, CNBC and Playboy radio.  Susan works with her husband, Tim, providing online home study programs for men and couples who want more intimacy and connection. She lives in Mill Valley, California.

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