More Physical Intimacy Leads To A Longer, Happier, Healthier Relationship Part 1

“How Can I Bring Her Closer?”

More Physical Intimacy Leads To A Longer, Happier, Healthier Relationship

Has your wife been resistant to you? Have you been craving more physical intimacy? Here’s what to do to take her from shutdown to warmed up again.

Why Less Is More
on-the-beach-280x156Make her more frequent offers and don’t take it personally when she demurs. Now is the perfect time to return to the adolescent behaviors you enjoyed when you were first dating. Basically, it comes to scaling down your offers to snacks instead of meals.

More intimate connections can help both you and your partner live longer? Why? Because emotional connections make us feel young and intimacy forges those connections. When you are intimate you release “Love Chemicals” that bond you together and make you happier!

How To Make Her Smaller Offers
If you frequently get rebuffed when you initiate lovemaking, scale back your offers to little things that are easier for her to accept.

Start introducing romantic types of physical intimacy in the way women most appreciate which include taking her dancing, going for a walk or hike in nature, singing or playing music with her, getting in the hot tub or bath or simply snuggling in bed by candlelight. (Every woman appreciates the occasional cuddle!)

One Odd Trick You Can Use Tonight To Romance Her Again
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Play The Numbers Game
Make her a lot of small offers and initiate romantic ideas every day, multiple times a day if you can. Instead of feeling hurt if you make her one offer and she rejects it, make a lot of offers and if she passes, let it roll off your back.

Your wife saying no could actually be a good thing! If it’s safe for her to say no, she’ll feel more at ease knowing she’s not hurting your feelings. Remember, you have to warm her up slowly and safely.

You are trying to find the offers that are right for her in this time of your relationship. Increasing the number of small things you offer will actually escalate you to more passionate intimacy faster.

Text or call her during the day if you are apart. One little heart or smiley face on her phone will make her happy to come home to you that night.

Texting stokes her fires through the day. And she is like…

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