More Physical Intimacy Leads To A Longer, Happier, Healthier Relationship Part 2

“How Can I Bring Her Closer?”

More Physical Intimacy Leads To A Longer, Happier, Healthier Relationship

… a fire while you are like a light switch – ready on command. She needs tinder and kindling! Sweet little texts that keep her mind on romance (and on you). Texts that fan her flames, stoke her embers and add fuel to her fire – until she’s burning hot and bright for you.

Offer her a foot rub, back rub or face massage and see which she chooses.

Ask if she wants to spoon in bed at night or cuddle in the morning for a few minutes and then stick just to the cuddling or spooning unless she asks for more.

Sit beside her while she watches her favorite television show and tickle her arm.

Keep making yourself available in small, sweet ways that feel “safe” to her. She’s afraid you will try to escalate, so you cannot make a romantic gesture with the hopes of “getting more.” It’s not about keeping score here, it’s about giving without expectation.

Slow down and enjoy rekindling your connection so she warms to you slowly.

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Act Like A Teenager
Go back to first base. Remember how exciting it was to get to know your partner for the first time? Look at her with fresh eyes. Let all of your frustrations wash away as you lead her back to that sensual girl she was when you first met.

Hug her.

Hold her tight.

Kiss her eyelids.

Suckle her neck and kiss her collarbone.

Hold her face in your hands and gaze at her beauty.

Put your hand on her knee in the car while you’re driving.

Put your hand on the small of her back as you open the door for her.

Have a hot make out session in the backseat of your car.

Do you remember those days?!?

The more you can bring back those feelings she had for you when you were first together, the better your loving will become again.

And enjoy the pleasures of being her man, the man that would love to possess her and hold her for hours of delight.

Women appreciate a lot of variety and they need very small ways to restart the connection. If you’re having trouble getting her to say yes, go even smaller. Meet her where she is and bring her along to where you want to go. Be her man, be her leader and soon you’ll be her lover man again.

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