How To Romance Your Wife All Over Again Part 3

“How Can I Be More Romantic?”

The 3 Most Effective Romance Ideas To Deepen Physical Intimacy With Your Wife

… you love her. Let her open the box of candy and look at them with her and notice how pretty they are. Tell her you are going to put your hand over her eyes so she can’t see which piece you select and slowly feed her a bit of chocolate. Then do it.

Ask her to describe the taste to you.

After she’s chewed and swallowed, and if she’s comfortable with it, kiss her lightly on the lips.


How romantic is that scene?!?

And it’s sweet, loving and you can make that as sexy as you want. If you two are HOT together, you can be running your hands up and down her back, her derriere, her thighs. You can kiss her deeply and have a hot chocolaty make out.

Now that’s romantic.

I sent this Chocolate Candy Trick to ten of my girlfriends and all ten said they would explode in excitement at the thought of a man doing this to them.

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More Sensual Romantic Ideas

You can see that even the simple act of giving your lady some chocolate can become a very sensual experience for both of you. And if you want an even more sensual gift experience, buy her a sueded silk or satin (not polyester, guys!) nightie or gown. Do you know how good sueded silk and real satin feel to the hand? Imagine how good it feels on her body.
Put care into the presentation. What are you going to do when you bring home a nightgown, beautifully wrapped? How are you going to give it to her? The giving of the gift is as important as the gift itself. Don’t squander the romance by simply handing her a present. Make the giving of the gift the best part of the idea.

When you give her a silk or satin négligée, her skin will be caressed by you with every brush of fabric. With this gift, you will awaken both her skin and…

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