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“Is It Possible To Feel Passionate Again?”

8 Simple Steps That Bring The Passion Back

… use to lead your lady to new heights of pleasure and connection.  Thousands of men have followed these steps before you. You didn’t know what you didn’t know, but now that you do, you can turn your relationship into a fun, healthy, passionate experience that keeps getting better!

If you are ready to take the steps necessary to turn your relationship back into a pleasurable, intimately connected union with your warm, loving wife there are “ways of being” her man that will pull her closer into your arms again. And there are little course-corrections you can make to help her overcome her own issues to intimacy as well.

The best part of this relationship rewind is that you can get back to the sweetness and excitement that existed when you were first dating, when you were newlyweds, when life was full of the potential for pleasure. There is a path back to passion and it exists in these subtle changes, things you can control. All you have to do is click here to look at the stories of the other men who’ve had breakthroughs when they were sure all was lost.

Discover How To Pull Your Wife Closer!

One Odd Trick You Can Use Tonight To Romance Her Again
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What do you do? Start by putting one foot in front of the other. Start with any one of these 8 steps that you feel called to pay attention to.

Has your wife become your platonic friend? Try re-injecting polarity by using more of your masculine ability and evoking her feminine side.

Have you been allowing her unhappiness to affect your mood? Take charge of your life and you’ll appeal to her more.

Have you been letting her call the shots to keep from rocking the boat? Take charge of your relationship and begin creating pleasure for you two in little ways each day.

Has your wife begun harping at you? Is she dissatisfied with you? Set some boundaries for positive communication and reward her for being kind, instead of nasty. She’ll respect you again for this integrity.

Consider your integrity around asking for physical intimacy too. Are you begging or bargaining for marital relations? Are you trying to “get some” by doing chores and expecting…

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—— Susan Bratton is a mother of one, an award-winning online marketer, co-founder with her husband, Tim, of Personal Life Media and author of ten books on passionate lovemaking and romance. Revive Her Drive is her online home study course for men in relationship who want more passion with their wives and girlfriends.

She is an influential voice to make men better lovers through support, rather than blame, intelligent education, instead of porn; it’s her mission to eliminate shame in conversations about the topic that’s top of mind for EVERYONE: sex. She’s one smart cookie, and she’s taking on the issues of male personal growth and sexual maturation in a very interesting way that begs to be heard.

Discover How To Pull Your Wife Closer!

Pull Your Wife Closer

Without Risk Of Rejection

With These 10 Stealth Romance Techniques

One Odd Trick You Can Use Tonight To Romance Her Again

“My Wife Won’t Kiss Me.”

Even though your partner is the one avoiding you, she is also feeling that disconnection. Because every human desires the bond of coupling, your efforts to get her back in your arms will increase her …