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“How Can I Be More Romantic?”

The 3 Most Effective Romance Ideas To Deepen Physical Intimacy With Your Wife

First of all, congratulations for seeking advice about how to romance your wife again. You are one of the few smart men who know that the way to be intimate with a woman is through her heart and mind. With every romantic gesture, you will get closer and closer to her.

Romance is the action of focusing on making her feel your love — both emotional and physical — because this feeling strengthens the bond between lovers, connecting you together through your hearts.

Romancing your partner is a gift you give yourself too. It’s not about keeping score. In fact, keeping score is fruitless — love is immeasurable. And it doesn’t matter if, at first, you do “all the work” of romancing her. Keep at it and soon she will be romancing you back. Because romance is simply irresistible.

When it comes to romance, the more you give, the more you’ll get. Start giving freely and you’ll see that more of your day is sweet, happy and full of love.

How To Bring Her Closer
Teach your partner how to love you back in ways you most enjoy. Romantic gestures range from subtle flirting to outright seduction and even vulnerable declarations of love.
Tell her explicitly the joy you get from romancing her. That you don’t do it to get anything, you do it for the pleasure of seeing her thrill to your advances. Because this joy you get will naturally evolve into more opportunities for physical intimacy.

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One Odd Trick You Can Use Tonight To Romance Her Again
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Optimize Your Romantic Moments

When it comes to romance, the ultimate present… is being present. Move toward being right in the moment with her, fully present with her. Try to let go of your absolute plan for a romantic encounter and just go with the flow of her reactions. That way whatever you do will feel natural instead of forced or pre-planned. Leave some space for spontaneity in the creation of your romantic plans.

Now it’s time to understand and appreciate how powerfully our physiology, especially hormones, impact her feelings for you. The more you understand the root behavior of women’s emotional and physical reactions to sex and love, the better you can…

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— Susan Bratton is an advocate for all men who seek to be better lovers; to lead their woman into her sensual potential. She fervently believes great personal growth can come from informed sexual maturation and is focused on taking the shame out of desire for intimate physical connection.

Along with her husband of 20 years, Tim Bratton she is co-founder of Personal Life Media, an online publisher of home study courses about marital passion and advanced technique and communication skills based in the San Francisco Bay Area, a hotbed of the human potential movement.

Susan is an award-winning speaker and author of over 1,000 articles on intimacy. She is the creator of the high-acclaimed Revive Her Drive program, a self-paced home study course for men all over the world who want to bring passion back to their relationship. She is also the author of 30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic among many other books and courses.

One Odd Trick You Can Use Tonight To Romance Her Again

“My Wife Won’t Kiss Me.”

Even though your partner is the one avoiding you, she is also feeling that disconnection. Because every human desires the bond of coupling, your efforts to get her back in your arms will increase her …