How To Romance Your Wife All Over Again Part 2

“How Can I Be More Romantic?”

The 3 Most Effective Romance Ideas To Deepen Physical Intimacy With Your Wife

…leverage the little time you have in your busy schedule and make the right moves that work like magic to thrill her to you.

Rejection-Proof Your Advances
Rejection is the most gutting of experiences. It contracts you and makes you feel badly about yourself. I understand, it’s hard NOT to take rejection personally.
If one of your romantic advances gets rejected, understand that it may have nothing to do with you specifically. There is no such thing as failure, if you look at it merely as feedback.
Bring a compassionate heart to your communications with your woman. She doesn’t mean to make you feel badly, so don’t let it! Just live and learn, move on and try another romance idea. You’ll find what works for her.

We are wired to do anything we can do to AVOID rejection. Sadly, this sometimes can include not bothering to romance her at all because we’re afraid she’ll reject our advances or shame us.
That means we’re not being romantic because we’re afraid of rejection.

And here’s the solution…

Romance She Can’t Resist

How can you know for sure that your romantic act will be accepted?

Start small.

Start with the classics.

Flowers, candy, lingerie, perfume…

Please don’t think flowers are a romantic cliché unless you’ve actually given her flowers in the last thirty days. Please, PLEASE don’t overlook the classics. They are classics for a reason.

One Odd Trick You Can Use Tonight To Romance Her Again

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Chocolate Candy Trick

Try this twist on the old standard, “It’s romantic to give your girl candy.”

Buy a small amount of premium chocolate candy. Four pieces of Godiva, or six pieces of Lindt’s, a couple of fancy candy bars at a gourmet grocer or some Belgian chocolate if you live in a city that has a Chocolatier.

Make this an EVENT.

Tell her you have a surprise for her. (Hint: If you can get her to snuggle next to you on the sofa or sit on your lap on a chair while you give her your surprise, you also get to play her protector.)

When she’s nestled against you, kiss her on her cheeks, her temples, her eyelids and then put one peck on her lips. Immediately pull a beautifully wrapped box of chocolate out from behind you and ceremoniously present it to her. Look her in the eyes when you tell her…

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