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“Can I Bring Back That Loving Feeling?”

How A Lack of Intimacy Leads to Loss of Intimacy

… red top that looks so alluring on her.

Julia would fall of her chair at work if Jim surprised her with a small, delicate bouquet.

Jim wishes Julia would slide across the top of him in the morning as she got out of bed.

Sound familiar? Like the great Cassius Clay said, “I got DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS!”

How To Revive Your Intimacy

Here’s how to get fulfilled again and satisfy each other’s desires for intimacy.

First get clear about how you like to experience intimacy. Then explain this to your partner and ask her to think about her parallel but different preferences. 

Then instead of doing to your partner what you actually want her to do to you… give her what she likes. And have her concentrate on delivering you the kind of intimacy that fulfills you.

Otherwise you will lose all the intimacy between you and grow even further apart.

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You can turn this into a fun personal exploration by asking your partner for their preferences and getting really good at perfecting them. When she slides across you in the morning as she springs out of bed, you both enjoy the experience because she knows she’s meeting your desires for the kind of intimacy you most appreciate.

Rewarding your partner for learning about and giving you what nurtures you most will go a long way in increasing the ways you express your intimacy to each other.

Keep exploring what you want and sharing new ideas for expressions of intimacy.

This concept can be applied to your entire relationship to strengthen your bonds in many ways. The next step is to begin to understand your Relationship Values™. 

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—  Susan Bratton    An advocate of men’s sexuality as a vehicle for personal growth, Susan Bratton is co-founder and CEO of Personal Life Media, creator of Revive Her Drive, author of numerous books on romance and sensuality and publisher of a half dozen online home study courses that teach men and couples communication skills for enhanced intimacy and advanced sensual mastery techniques.

An innovator and change-maker, Bratton’s ultimate goal is to transform as many marriages as possible so couples have the resources to free themselves from the shame of their desire and meet in beautiful union. Bratton has been profiled in the New York Times and appeared on CNBC among many of her hundreds of public appearances.

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