8 Simple Steps That Bring The Passion Back Part 3

“Is It Possible To
Feel Passionate Again?”

8 Simple Steps That Bring The Passion Back

… rewards? Pleading, demanding… these are demeaning behaviors better replaced by knowing how to make her offers she’ll accept, rather than reject. Understanding easily-learnable techniques that move your woman toward pleasure will be more fun than begging for scraps of attention.

Ultimately if you choose to become your wife’s lover again, you’ll need to learn a few new tricks to breathe life into your lovemaking. Becoming a student of passion and pleasure is not only fun, it’s easy. But be careful. If you are rebuilding your erotic connection, the worst thing you can do is spring some new technique on her. Your best bet is to start with some valuable communication skills, because the way to a woman’s body is through her mind and heart.

Women need to talk and connect verbally. Even if you are a man of few words, there are easy ways to romance her.  If you want to move forward the best place to start is with a few ninja romance techniques that woo her the way she’s dying to be romanced but can’t even tell you herself.

Here’s a recap of the 8 Fun Steps To Reclaim Your Passionate Marriage:

  1. Re-Inject Polarity – the masculine/feminine balance required for a sexy relationship.

  2. Get Out Of Dependency – own your happiness and she will follow your lead.

  3. Get Into Decisive Leadership – take charge of your relationship and lead her to pleasure.

  4. Overcome Her Resistance Issues – proactively fix or work-around whatever is holding her back from her natural sexual desire.

  5. Get Into Building Respect – start giving her approval and setting boundaries which reward her for good behaviors.

  6. Get Out Of Trying To “GET” – inspire and stimulate her, lift her spirits, cause her to feel alive and challenge her in positive ways so she comes on to you, her man, automatically.

  7. Ignite Turn On With Seduction Techniques – begin romancing her heart and mind again, then use sensual experiences to reawaken her body while you run her menus of right-sized offers.

  8. Escalate To Passion With Advanced Sexual Skills – use a series of techniques that allow her to surrender to her potential for multiple climactic experiences.


One Odd Trick You Can Use Tonight To Romance Her Again

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